Every hair consists of 90% Keratin and, depending on your environment, about 10% of water and hair elements such as fats, minerals and pigments. The Keratin is a fibrous protein that grants the inner and outer hair structure its strength and elasticity.

In its whole state, the keratin is both elastic and un-dissolvable in water, built to hold its ground when faced with the burning hot summer sun, or the freezing cold winter, as well as various hair styling tools such as flat or curling irons. Stress and environmental changes break the keratin fibers which are in charge of maintaining the intact shape of your hair, and weakens the water-proof factor, leaving your hair lifeless and unprotected. hydrolyzed keratin is becoming a common ingredient in cosmetic hair products.

Studies have shown that hydrolysed keratin work to improve and repair the hair structure from root to tip, providing it with the optimal protection against moisture loss and extreme environmental changes, resulting in a gorgeous, vibrant hair.

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